Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bipasha Basu in Love with Josh Hartnett?

Bollywood hottie Bipasha Basu has revealed about her latest love Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett. Bips recently finished shooting of her debut Hollywood film ‘Singularity’ last week in London where Josh is her co-star.

The lovebirds met first time in India during the first phase shooting of ‘Singularity’ in Madhya Pradesh. The friendship begun from there and the bond was so strong that the amity was intact even when they met next time for the second phase of shooting in London, after a gap of long one year. The companionship led them enter into a wonderful chemistry on and off the set.

Bipasha is playing the character named ‘Tulaja’, a bodyguard to the Maratha queen opposite Josh Harnett, who is playing a British Army Officer in this Roland Joffe directed Hollywood movie.

However, Bipasha although admits their close friendship, she knows the relationship will not work out as a life partner. Well, they can be friends for ever but not anything beyond that.

About her new love affair Bips says "We live in different continents, and that's a big hurdle when it comes to maintaining friendships….. Very rarely do you meet people who you can trust instantly. Josh is that person to me…. We hung out as much as we could in London, and it was fun.”

After splitting with John Abraham her long time boyfriend, this is Bipasha’s new love story.

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