Friday, 3 August 2012

Sunny Leone's “Jism 2” - A Complete Review

Pooja Bhatt’s ‘Jism 2’ that has been specially designed for Porn model Sunny Leone to let her do all seductive acts is a complete mess up. There is nothing new in the script, rather some jerks add more to the downfall of the plot.
Besides ample skin show and scenes that usually were expected from an adult film actor, Sunny herself has proved up to some extent that she can act well in the coming days. But rest of the three leading male actors has been proved disastrous, though we were expecting a bit from Randeep Hooda.
The film begins with the porn star doing her usual practice with an Intelligence Officer. Izna (Sunny Leone) the real and character porn star spends a night with an intelligence officer Ayaan Thakur (Arunoday Singh) at a five-star hotel. But, she doesn't have any idea of the fact that it was part of a mission to nab a hard-core criminal Kabir (Randeep Hooda).
Izna was then hired for the mission.  She was assigned to trap the criminal. But, while doing so like many other Bollywood films, she has to confront her bitter-sweet past and the plot take a twist where she is forced to make an impossible choice.
However, following several sequences of ups and downs that includes lot of erotic, skin show and ‘bakwas’ emotional scenes, finally she hands over the criminal at the end.
‘Jism 2’ shares few similarities with Emraan Hashmi, Kangna Ranaut starrer film Gangster. Many sequences in the movie are quiet illogical. The movie starts with a mission, but reaches nowhere at the end. The film is about how a seductress entraps a criminal with yearn, but despite sensing hints of danger, Randeep goes on protecting Sunny and chants his same irritating dialogue, "Tumhari galti nahi hai Izna". Even there are some questions remains unanswered till the end.
Coming to acting, Sunny is perfect (even in acting) with the scenes that involves her real profession. But at other scenes she is funny, but still can be accepted up to some extent. Randeep Hooda is a good actor, who could have contributed something to the acting treasure, but he missed. Also, though he is a hard-core criminal and the plot revolves around the concept to trap him, from his acting he seems an innocent duck in the hand of Izna. Aayan (Arunoday Singh) should try for some other profession, acting is not his cup of tea. Arif Zakaria as a senior officer was a complete waste.
Direction of the film is the most disastrous part. After delivering four major flops at the Box Office, it was expected that, Pooja Bhatt will surely do something new. But, after watching Jism 2, we are certain that Pooja’s direction can hardly be trusted.Music of the film is excellent which is a usual feature of the Bhatt’s is normally and they have proved.
Many of us thought that a porn star can't do anything worth out of her bedroom. But, Leone proves us wrong. The star of the show is, no doubt, Sunny Leone. She looks extremely hot and delivers as an actor. Unfortunately, the script doesn't.
Our rating ** star out of 5

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